EDC turns 21 this year, making it legal and yet another landmark year for the festival. For those of you who attended last year, we all know it was definitely one for the books and it's only going to get bigger. EDC has added new additions this year in just about every aspect; hotel deals/packages, new stages, shuttle options, new merchandise, and even a new spin on the logo.

For the first time, EDC is offering a hotel package for 2 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Not to mention they have exclusive deals with many hotels all over Las Vegas that are incredibly hard to beat! I compared prices on Priceline, Booking.com, Kayak, and the hotels own websites to those on the EDC website, and the difference was clear.

The Insomniac team heard the cries of the people when the CircuitGrounds was revamped and there was no longer the dome covering above. Don't get me wrong, the new CircuitGrounds is absolutely breathtaking, but I was personally sad that piece of the stage was no more and I talked to many who agreed. So they are bringing it back brought to you by Dreamstate. 

There is now another official EDC shuttle service- the Premier Shuttles. With designated wait times, misting and seating at the waiting tent, smaller buses, and personalized items in a bag they give you each day, I would say it's the VIP of shuttles.

Every year they design new and different merchandise, and for the first time in a couple years they have revamped the logo! With all of these additions, it's safe to say that the Electric Daisy Carnival has come a long way and they have really gone out of their way to make this year as magical as ever. Make sure to book your hotel, book your flight, and pack your bags with all the essentials.

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Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

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