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As we all know, when we go to a festival we expect to be blown away by the creative new sounds of each artist and not only by the sounds but also by a visual representation of well choreographed lasers, strobe lights, screens, cool animations and pretty much anything else you could possibly think of…

So to take your entire experience to the next level, we have GloFX to thank for some incredible innovations and designs that are unlike any others!

GloFX has come out with so many different products between their Kaleidoscope glasses and goggles, the high quality monocles and breathtaking Heart Effect Diffraction, it’s hard to pinpoint a single favorite item they have to offer. So instead, we’d like to tell you a little about a few of our favorites and why!

First off, we’d like to talk about their goggles, but we have to give respect specifically to one of their newest designs, the Kandi Swirl Goggles. The colors and lines flow around the goggles so seamlessly - you are sure to stand out at every event. Now when you put on a pair of goggles from GloFX, close your eyes and imagine it’s just you in front of hundreds of stages reflecting lights from every direction and so many different perspectives that it’s so hard to even imagine that there is really only 1 stage. Needless to say it’s best to have already found a spot to stand, as you might not be able to walk carefully with certain pairs of these goggles on because they can get pretty intense! As for the design of their goggles in general, you really can’t compete with the quality and care GloFX gives each one of their products and especially when it comes to their goggles. They pay close attention to detail in making sure they are comfortable with rubber edges around your eyes, adjusting nose pieces, interchangeable lenses, and an adjustable strap. Be sure to check out the Kandi Swirl Goggles here as well as the Chrome Spike Goggles, which are also definitely some of our favorites!

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Next, I’d like to dive into the different styles of lenses GloFX has to offer, now this could take a while with how many different options they have, but I’m going to try to focus on a few specifics.

Let’s start with their Heart Effect Glasses… These glasses are simply breathtaking and give people an immediate reason to smile! The reaction from so many different people, people you wouldn’t expect to react in such a positive manner is incredible. When you put on a pair of their Heart Effect Glasses, you will see little hearts from every light around you. They have two different styles you can get this effect from so be sure to check out both the Heart Effect Diffraction and Heart Effect Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses.

Next up, are the Wormhole lenses! These are definitely a unique experience, you literally feel like you are looking through a wormhole. Everything spirals and swirls into such a different view of the show they’re definitely worth trying out! I personally enjoy the Wormhole Monocle they offer as well because it’s a gorgeous piece to have hanging around your neck and is really fun to use whenever the show’s really lit up!

Finally, I’d like to touch on their different styles of diffraction. We all know how your standard diffraction looks, but have you seen their Ultimate Diffraction? These are basically a more intensified version of what you’ve seen before, but just imagine if you had twice the diffraction of that and an even more intense diffraction…

That is why GloFX has brought you their Extreme/Matrix Diffraction! This diffraction is easily the most intense diffraction they have and gives people the most effect from each light. The Extreme Diffraction Glasses are definitely worth picking up a pair for your self! If you don’t want something quite as intense as those, you can always look into the Spiral Diffraction and 3D Diffraction – both are not as wild as the Extremes but are definitely unique. The 3D Diffraction definitely gives you a different perspective of the stage. You can find all the styles of diffraction we carry here!

Now, we present to you the Bug Eye Lens. This is definitely one for the books, this is the one I was talking about where you pick your spot, sit back and enjoy the most insane visual experience possible. The Bug Eye lenses look great from the outside and blow your mind from the inside. This is one experience that is too hard to explain, you’re going to have to try them for yourself! Stay tuned and we will let you know when they are in stock. In the meantime, we recommend you browse our current inventory of glasses here!


So before we wrap this up, I’d like to mention a couple of their light toys that have definitely impressed me.

They recently released a unique way to Poi; the Pivot Poi Balls are something unlike any other Poi. You have two balls attached to one string and are able to manipulate the balls in a different way that makes a light show something unexpected and exciting. With multiple color options and modes the Pivot Poi are a great light toy to bring to your next event!

Next up are their space whips. The space whip is an eye catching, unique way to play with lights at a festival. (I have to add; looking at the space whip through the heart effect glasses is really cool!) We have had the opportunity to give the Onyx Elite 360 a try and the sparkle fibers give it a very pretty sparkly look and flows around your body in a mesmerizing way.

Finally, I’d like to give a special thanks to GloFX for exceptional customer service and care for their products and reputation. GloFX offers a lifetime warranty on many of their products and do everything they can to make sure each of their customers is satisfied. And as a business that stands firmly next to those beliefs we can’t be grateful enough to offer their products to you.

So without further adieu, we present you our Entire Collection of GloFX items and recommend you follow the Official GloFX Facebook page for future updates on their latest innovations and designs!

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