Praise the Electronic Music Gods for this summer's up and coming lineups across the country so far. Many festival's have already had an outstanding lineup, and others have already blown away expectations with only half of it released. The need to satisfy the masses is only growing and almost beginning to be expected.

First of all, don't even get me started on one of the major festival's lineup: EDC Las Vegas. Of course they have yet again crushed the lineup in every way possible. They cater to every type of raver and beautiful creature out there, and of course "all are welcome"-trademark Electric Daisy Carnival. The thing is, it's absolutely true and everyone is there to just have a good time and forget about your worries for the weekend. I am just happy they are bringing Infected Mushroom to the new stage, Quantum Valley hosted by Dreamstate. 

Secondly, how about Imagine Music Festival's jaw-dropping 2017 phase 1 announcement? We could always use more Above & Beyond, Deadmau5, and Tiesto. Not only was I shook by the phase 1 announcement, but then I remembered there is still a phase 2 yet to be released; I am ready, waiting, and very excited! 

There are so many incredible festivals that keep expanding and improving the music stack. As a raver I love and appreciate all of it and seeing all the growth and development in the industry is incredibly energizing and electric. Let's keep spreading the love and good vibes at every show and event we attend, it's our job as ravers! Spread the PLUR.

Keep those lineups coming-we're hungry for music!

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