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Electro V2 Gloves


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Dip Your Hands Into Gloving
Simple-To-Use  Perfect For YOU  Customizable

What’s new in V2 ?

  • Increased DurabilityDesigned and stress-tested with highly durable wiring to ensure long-lasting flow!
  • Increased BrightnessNow includes a set of our premium diffusers, which allow for bright & vivid trails!
  • Replaceable GlovesEasily swap and replace your gloves to keep your flow fresh!

Simple to use

With the click of just 1 button, watch as the beautiful colors & patterns of the lights dance before your eyes!

Perfect for you

The Electro V2 Glove Set is perfect for:

  • • Glovers of All Skill Levels- Great for anyone who wants to give gloving a spin for the first time, all the way to those hardcore glovers who just need a simple glove set to keep their flow going!
  • • Music Festival Enthusiasts - Why risk losing higher-valued glove sets? These are a lower-risk option that still allow you to glove all night long!
  • • Club Go-ers - Entertain those club-goers with a glove light show as they enjoy the bumping beats!
  • • House Parties - Mesmerize your friends at those fun get-togethers. You can even let them give it a try too!
  • • Dancers/Performers - Add these to your performance to give it that extra flare that no one has seen before!

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